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Upcoming Junior Deadlines - - -
RWDCA Internship- March 1
National Red and White Queen Contest- June 1
Essay Contest- June 1
Albrecht Scholarship- June 1

Junior Membership Application

Albrecht Scholarships

Three $1000 Albrecht Scholarships Available for Youth

There will be three $1000 Albrecht Scholarships awarded at the National Convention. These scholarships will be awarded for higher education. The recipient need not be present to receive the award. Funds available through National Red & White Scholarship, Inc.

Eligibility requirements are:
  1. Any graduating high school senior or any undergraduate college student
  2. Applicant or applicant's parents must be members of the RWDCA for at least three years
  3. Individual may apply each year he/she is eligible, unless he/she has already received $1000 scholarship
  4. Applicants must be from the U.S. or Canada

Some of the criteria used for awarding scholarships will be: financial need, community activity, Red & White activities and academic achievement. The recipients will be selected by a panel of independent judges.

For more information or an application, contact the RWDCA office at 608-790-5595 or email RWDCA, 2317 International Lane Suite 219 Madison, WI 53704

Postmark Deadline, June 1 each year - Applications Available from RWDCA office.

Junior Essay Contest


1st place $75
2nd place $50
3rd place $25


Ages 8-12: 250-500 words
Ages 13-16: 500-750 words
Ages 17-21: 750-1,000 words


Ages 8-12: What does junior membership in the RWDCA mean to you and what are your future plans with Red and Whites?
Ages 13-16: How do you promote and educate others about Red and Whites and why should other dairy enthusiasts choose them?
Ages 17-21: How has the integration of social media helped or hindered the RWDCA and how do you use social media in your dairy operation?


  • Contestants must be a Junior member of RWDCA.
  • Essay must be original and written by the Junior member.
  • Entries must be accompanied by a cover page that includes: a current picture of the Junior member, age, address, phone number and email address if available.
  • Previous essay contest winners are eligible to compete again…with a new essay!


Essays must be mailed to the RWDCA, 2317 International Lane Suite 219 Madison, WI 53704 or emailed to by JUNE 1st.

Junior Show Rules

Updated 2014
1.The Junior Red & White Show will be held at the same time as the open show. Juniors will be recognized, placed and presented awards by stepping forward in their respective open show class with the exception of the Premier National Junior Show-Harrisburg, PA & Mid-East Fall Red & White Show-Louisville, KY.
2.Exhibitors may participate after they reach nine years of age and until December 31 of the year in which he or she turns 21 years of age.
3.Animals must be Red and White in color.

4.In order to enter/exhibit at any national and/or approved shows, Red & White animals must carry 87% dairy bloodlines as designated by RWDCA guidelines. Dairy bloodlines include: Ayrshire, Brown Swiss, Guernsey, Holstein (Black & White and Red & White), Jersey, Milking Shorthorn, Angler, Swedish Red, Aussie Red, Lineback and Rouge Flammande.
5.The RWDCA will accept registration papers and/or a certificate of identification (CID) from Holstein Association USA. Other registration papers accepted will be from RWDCA, Holstein Association USA showing the suffix "RED" and Holstein Canada showing the suffix "RED."
6.LEASE: All animals must be owned or leased by the junior by July 1 of the current year.
TRANSFER: For an animal (cow or heifer) being transferred to a Junior, or a partnership of Juniors, the transfer application must be received by the Holstein Association USA office on or before July 15. With the exception of animals purchased by and/or leased to a Junior at the RWDCA National Convention.
7.OWNERSHIP: Two or more juniors may own an animal. One junior must be on the halter to receive junior recognition. The animal must stay in the same partnership throughout the show season. Awards will be presented as one unit, to all owners equally.
8.Entries must be shown by the Junior owner in all cases, except by prior written approval. A written statement must be hand delivered to the show chairman by 5:00p.m. the day before the show for approval. Included instatement- Name, age and signature of junior owner, cell phone number of a contact person, class of animal, name and age of alternate leadsperson, and reason junior owner needs an alternate. If approved, the alternate must be the same age or younger of the junior owner. Alternate must also be an RWDCA junior member. Adults are not allowed to show in any case. If more than one animal owned by the same junior is eligible for the championship class, another eligible junior may show the animal or animals. Final approval will be decided by RWDCA staff and/or a member(s) of the RWDCA Board of Directors.
9.Dress code will be strictly enforced for juniors. White pants with an official show shirt must be worn or the junior will not be allowed to show (World Dairy Expo-Madison, WI & Premier National Junior Show-Harrisburg, PA & Mid-East Fall Red & White Show-Louisville, KY).
10.Junior show classes consist of all female classes except Best Uddered of Show. There will be no junior show classes for group classes except Junior State Herd.
11.Bred & Owned: To be eligible for junior bred & owned, the name(s) listed as the breeder and owner on the Registration Certificate must be the same. 

Junior Show Alternate Leadsperson Request Form