About Us

The RWDCA was established in 1964, based on the principles of an open herdbook and the bloodlines of the Red Holstein. Nearly fifty years later, the RWDCA is a strong and growing organization. The breed publication, The Red Bloodlines, links the membership and keeps them informed. Subscribers in over 20 countries receive the latest news on Red & Whites.

The RWDCA offers economical, efficient services in two basic areas:

  • Information needed by Red & White breeders in all facets including sire data, cow features, shows, sales, breeder interviews, international stories and more.
  • Promotion of Red & Whites on a worldwide basis, both as a breed and for individual breeders.

Get involved in the exciting world of Red & Whites!

RWDCA Mission Statement

The RWDCA strives to encourage and promote the progressive breeding and development of superior Red & White Dairy Cattle by providing breeders with information, programs and services to help track, evaluate and improve the breed from one generation to the next.

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Bylaws of the Red & White Dairy Cattle Association
The Early Years of the RWDCA by Larry Specht