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2024 Approved & National Shows

March 28 - **New York Spring Dairy Carousel Red & White Show - Hamburg, NY  |  Judge: Steve Wagner
March 29 - Ohio Spring Dairy Expo Open & Junior Red & White Show - Columbus, OH  | Judge: Matt Mitchell

April 4/5 - California State Red & White Show - Tulare, CA  |  Judge: Aaron Eaton
April 19th - Northest All-Breeds Red & White Show - West Springfield, MA | Judge: Mark Rueth
April 27 - **Midwest Spring Red & White Show - Madison, WI | Judge: Shawn Nehls
June 6 - WNY Summer Showcase - Pike, NY | Judge: Jamie Howard 
June 13 - MN State Red & White Show - Hutchinson, MN | Judge: Mark Sweetnam
June 13 - Indiana State Red & White Junior Show - Columbia City, IN  |  Judge: Julie Hemp

June 15 - Indiana State Red & White Show - Columbia City, IN  |  Judge: John Erbsen

July 20- Western PA Championship Show - Meadville, PA | Judge: Tyler Reynolds
July 27 - Central PA Championship Show- Centre Hall, PA |  Judge: Jason Lloyd

July 27/28 - OH State Fair Red & White Shows - Columbus, OH | Judge: Tyler Reynolds
July 31 - Northern Tier PA Championship Show - New Milford, PA | Judge: Matt Hawbaker
August 1 - Kentucky State Fair Red & White Show - Louisville, KY | Judge : Nathan Thomas

August 20 - Wisconsin R&W Championship Show - Madison, WI | Judge: Tyler Reynolds
August 27 - **Midwest Fall Red & White Show - St. Paul, MN | Judge: Keith Topp 

August 29 - Maryland State Fair Red & White Show - Timonium, MD | Judge: TBD

September 2 - Maryland State Fair Junior Red & White Show - Timonium, MD | Judge: TBD
Sept 7/8 - New York State Red and White Show - Greenwich, NY | Judge: Mark Rueth

September 12 - Eastern States Exposition Red & White Show - Springfield, MA |  Judge: Callum McKinven
October 2 & 3 -**International Red & White Show - Madison, WI | Judge: Kevin Doeberiner (Assoc. Adam Hodgins)

RWDCA Show Requirements
  1. These are separate shows using RWDCA classes and for Red & Whites only.

  2. The RWDCA will accept original registration papers and/or a certificate of identification (CID) from the Holstein Association USA. Other registration papers accepted will be from RWDCA, Holstein Association USA showing the suffix “RED” and Holstein Canada.

  3. All owners shown on the registration paper must be a member in good standing of RWDCA.

  4. Animals must be Red and White in physical color. Any animal in question of this color status must submit a DNA sample to an accredited lab for a full genomic panel to prove color and identification of the animal in question. Results must be shared with RWDCA

  5. If for any reason an animal is in question for eligibility, the RWDCA management will be contacted before a final decision is rendered.

  6. Eligibility of animals and RWDCA members will be determined on a show to show basis.

  7. In order to enter/exhibit at any national and/or approved shows, Red & White animals must carry 87% dairy bloodlines as designated by RWDCA guidelines. Dairy bloodlines include Ayrshire, Brown Swiss, Guernsey, Holstein (Black & White and Red & White), Jersey, Milking Shorthorn, Angler, Swedish Red, Aussie Red, Lineback, and Rouge Flammande.

  8. RWDCA will assist show management determining membership status with a list of entries one week prior to the show.

  9. All requirements listed above must be met 24 hours before the start of the show.

  10. Following the show, show management must provide RWDCA with a report that lists all placings, champions, etc.

  11. After RWDCA receives the national show report, with individual class placings and champion information, the results will be entered into the animal’s permanent record.

  12. Questions about the above-said rules, contact RWDCA staff.

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